There are  two  reserved  parking spaces per townhome in our community. Spaces are not reserved on state-maintained streets but are marked to leave the space closest to each townhouse for its resident. Some spaces both in the parking bays and on streets are left unmarked and intended for visitors. To report parking violations, please call 368-0202.

Residents with more than three vehicles must park the excess outside the community so that they do not interfere with neighbors. Towing will be enforced.

All vehicles must be properly licensed, inspected, and in operating condition and violators are subject to ticketing and towing.

Recreational and inoperable or abandoned vehicles will no longer be allowed to be parked in unreserved spots. Once a vehicle has been designated as inoperable or abandoned by the SHOA; it must be removed from the neighborhood.

Recreational Vehicles. Any boat, boat trailer, motor home, self-contained camper, mobile home, trailer, pop-up camper/tent trailer, horse trailer or similarly oriented vehicle. Private or public school or church buses are unapproved vehicles.

Inoperative Vehicles. Any vehicle with a malfunction of an essential part required for the legal operation of the vehicle or which is partially or totally disassembled by the removal of tires, wheels, engine, or other essential parts required for legal operation of the vehicle.

Abandoned Vehicles. Any vehicle left unmoved in an unassigned parking space for more than 14 consecutive days, unless the owner provides written notice to the SHOA Board in advance that he or she will be away and unable to move the vehicle for a period greater than 14 days. In cases where a violation is committed, a notice will be placed on the vehicle, and if no response is received within seven (7) days, it will be subject to the Association's towing policy.


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